Wednesday, February 13, 2008

There's something here....

"Lord of Glory,who has bo't us With Thy lifeblood as the price,
Never grudging for the lost ones That tremendous sacrifice;
And with that hast freely given Blessings countless as the sand
To the unthankful and the evil With Thine own unsparing hand;
Grant us hearts,dear Lord, to yield Thee
Gladly,freely,of Thine own;
With the sunshine of Thy goodness Melt our thank-less hearts of stone
Till our cold and selfish natures,Warmed by Thee, at length believe
That more happy and more blessed 'Tis to give than to recieve."

Last night Scripture ministered to me on losing my life to find it and that those who save their lives shall lose them.God is doing a work in me right now and I don't know why and I don't know all it's purposes but I know it's incredible,wonderful,tough,and I'm still in the throes of it. It's changing me forever,shocking me with its questions,showing me the impact a life lived this way will have,challenging me to surrender all,quit looking for Scriptural "loopholes" out of situations my flesh shrinks from,basically give up all the "rights" I think I have and surrender all to God-losing my life.Scary,oh,so scary but I want it,must have it anyway.It's coming at a great price.Here I meet my cross.Afterall,Jesus met His cross and lost His life and so must I.
Keep me,Jesus! You've accomplished miracles in my life and the work is already partly accomplished.Help me through this dangerous part of the road.I know you can! Hold my hand!


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