Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Medieval music and More

Or at least I think this is at least similar to the music that was done in medieval times.I should try to post some good websites pertaining to medieval times or you could Google and find some too.Next I should post a picture of my timeline.....Lots of projects accomplished for very little cost!
Jess was given a miniature Uno game and it is all the rage with my guys and they even use the baby as fourth player! I think Lee has varnish stains on the bottom of his socks!

This was unlike practically any other natural peanut butter I've tried. A friend brought this and I was so impressed.It's creamy like regular peanut butter but if I recall properly has nothing added.Highly recommended!

This vine crawls all over the upper part of our front rooms.Isn't it pretty?

Our sweet Sarenna.

I'm becoming one of those women.You know,those women who you look at and inwardly are glad that you are not! Today I felt dizzy and sick,Chelsea was recovering from a fever and throwing up in the afternoon,Alex had a systemic yeast infection and was very miserable in the morning,we had been very busy with all sorts of things over the weekend and M,onday and the house was behind,and we are preparing for a big outing.But today was the birthday get-together for the little daughter of friends..And we were the household hosting since they are traveling at the moment and staying in the area. Ahhhh,the juggling acts of life.We managed and actually I feel better tonight! We had a nice time and a nice ice cream cake.

And Alex and Chelsea-happy little people!
Well,I should hit the sack this very minute. Hope you all have a good night as well.

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