Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Medieval House Among Other Things

A partially done medieval house. I did botch the original design so this house will be medieval my way.Papier mache is so cool!
I found this copy of Castle in my favorite bookshop,which is tucked away beside a lovely bakeshop we also enjoy. The book looks untouched-nabbed it for75 cents.

" My" bookshop sold me these at 10 cents apeice. Nice! Jane Brody's cookbook is very good if one likes a nice balance in healthy cooking. I purchased this copy for a friend.

Riga style sour cream is super good and looks to be good for you too.Especially when paired with the Garlic Roasted Butternut from While you're there try the Adobo pork or beef recipe.It's very good too.

My sister bathing Sarenna. Sarenna likes tub soaks!

A sleeping baby.

Yours truly typing late at night. Yes,I do hunt and peck and I get along just fine! Er,pretty good!
Listening to a CD done by members of our fellowship.The children love this CD."You can talk about me all that you please! I'll talk about you down on my knees." Something like that.
Some of the young men from our fellowship plan to come over for dinner-I'm doing a roast and brown rice.They're easy to please and will be fine with chocolate chip cookies for dessert! Well,nice chatting! Have a wonderful day! Marcella

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