Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Regroup time-sort of!

Well,most of the guests are gone-for the moment. I'm up way late,preparing for the next outing and getting stuff done that's tough when I'm supervising the little people (and tired from too many late nights and busy days). We have had very few quiet days and we enjoy it but sometimes a bit of regrouping needs to be done.... There's the basket of light colored clothes going into the machine in a few minutes,the baby laundry that was heaped in the baby bathtub waiting for me to finish removing the poopy stains and all those whites under the lavatory calling. Well,the whites can wait but the latter two are well on thier way to Cleanland.
A large gift bag has been turned into the storage area for my newspaper supply in case I actually make some papier mache thing and also houses my pieces of colored tissue paper being hoarded for that medieval stained glass craft we should get too. Bit by bit I have gotten my walk in closet back to being" walkinable" tonight.Yesss!
The rooms are basically vacuumed and most of the clutter that I keep fighting is away.The poinsetta and the palmy houseplants need watering and the kettle and food storage shelves need rearranging.Iattacked the boys room today like I periodically must,especially after large packs of children have used it as playroom.We got the bed made,the stuffed animals back where they belong,the crayons into boxes,paper into the trash or shelf and so on.Now it looks good for the moment and the boys can probably keep it pretty clean by themselves-at least till the next batch of small visiting people arrive! And now,I can go soak in the tub if I wish! Yay!

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