Wednesday, January 2, 2008

And the House is Quiet

It's that time of night when the rest of the house is quiet,Mama's had her bath and instead of heading to bed stops to roam the house a bit and pull her thoughts together.Today was a day of cleaning and cooking and a bit of laundry.A stomach bug seems to be stalking this house too.It's tough being a nursing mom and trying to fast because food doesn't agree.Ah,well.
We changed the calendars and circled birthdays and talked about the months and leap year and such.Now we begin a brand new year in the USA and that's different.It's time to really snap out of quite such a temporary mode and internalize that we live here for real instead of just visiting.We made such a fast move back to the States that it left us fairly stunned for a while there.
Tonight we got a houseful of visitors,lots of news and gifts.There seems to be a real revolving door here nowadays with people coming and going all the time but usually we seem to thrive on it.If that's the work the Lord has in mind for us we desire to do it well.
Well,I should snatch some sleep before the baby awakes again. Blessings,Marcella

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