Thursday, January 24, 2008

What am I Doing for God Today?

Here's something that's close to my heart many times.Stories of foreign missions,of inner city outreaches etc. always sound so inspiring and we tend to think Yeah,that's where lots of God's work is done or we tend to wait for some dramatic moment to do some great work for God.But what about right where we live? Do we care that we've lived next door to a family and never gone to meet them? Do we care that we don't know most of the families on our street,or our neighborhood? Do we? Or do we wait for some big moment,some trip to be of service to our fellow humans,people who have needs just like you and me? Shouldn't we be just as concerned that the real Gospel in all its simplicity be preached close to home? A challenge that can take courage as well. Marcella


Missy said...

Thought provoking!

What was wrong with my other picture??

Marci said...

Well,you look more like an angel in this one;)

praying4more said...

I am Ella's mom (How Great Is His Faithfulness). You just left a sweet comment on her blog, so I thought I would pop by to visit what you had written about the subject of ministry close to home.

That is a message I am passionate about. In fact, about a year ago, I wrote an article for Above Rubies, entitled "I Left My Joy Behind". That story chronicled my spiral downward into poor health and depression, all because I had abandoned my home in order to do what I was told was "God's work." I was led to believe by the teachings of my church (which is the teaching of most churches I fear) that "Kingdom work" could only be accomplished through church programs. So I pretty much abandoned the role that had brought me so much joy (wife/mother/homemaker) in order to do more and more church work. I had several "ministries" going at one time, all to the neglect and detriment of my family. I ran this path for over 10 years (chronically ill and depressed all the time). It was not until my heart came home 3 years ago that my joy and fulfillment returned. And my health has been nearly totally restored.

Now, I see raising a family as "work for God." I see opening my home for hospitality as work for God. (I've had more families to dinner in the last 2 years than I had in the previous 11 years combined). And now I reach out to my neighbors, whereas before, the only time they ever saw me was when I drove off in my car to some church function.

Truly, we CAN further the Kingdom of God by ministering from our home and to the people in our home.


Marci said...

Ella's mom-It's so nice to find a woman who is passionate about this also! Your daughter is blessed to have a mother who models this! Marci