Friday, January 11, 2008

Medieval times and egg fun

These are partially painted castles the boys made in one of those free Home Depot workshops.The workshop this month just happened to go with our theme.
Circles of cardboard covered with foil and etched with a pencil tip,make imitation medieval money.Now we need to search the thrift store for some red material to sew the pouch.I think mom is learning right along with the children these days! Sewing skills look like they will be learned by the seat of my skirt.....erm.

Someone's not working on the lesson.It's more fun to cut foil into bits when you're only three.

When one finds a 50 cent egg painting kit on the store shelves,why not go for it? At least that's what the small people thought-they didn't want it squirreled into the closet for a later time.Never mind that we're officialy studying the Middle Ages.

And likewise when you recieve a finger/spongepainting kit as a gift,roll out the paper,sayeth the crew.Mom hover around to keep paint from getting mixed or polka dotted green carpet.

Can't Mama be an artist too sometimes? Looks like the decorating stuff came out...Hope the neighbors like their New Year's cookies!

I know,I know,the pictures aren't cropped or well-done. Maybe someday. Right now I have a bathroom to clean, laundry to take care of and plans for tonight's homeschool meeting. The children are playing one of their make believe games where each player takes a role.Even the baby is filling a role.Who knows what she's playing today.Last night she was playing the part of Pharaoh.Imagine,a baby girl Pharaoh!
Jess is working on a homemade book on Moses.I think we may start notebooking soon. More stuff in the works-to come later. Marcella

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