Thursday, June 30, 2011

talkin' about that" feeling"

So sometimes I fight this feeling. This feeling that most moms probably get sometimes.

Kind of feeling like a little rat that runs around and around doing the daily routine.
Kind of predictable.
Kind of feeling a little tired of it all.

You cook the food.
It gets eaten.
You wash the clothes (and hang them out and fold and put away) and then they get dirty and you do it all again.
You clean and it all gets dusty once more.
And so on and so forth.

So how to keep it all fresh?

I don't know all the answers-maybe not even enough to skim the surface.

But here's some thoughts:
 Gratitude to our Abba for all the things He graciously allows us. Even if you're on the lower end of the income scale in this country you may have more than many in certain parts of our Earth.
Gratitude helps me with perspective!

Try to fit in just a little something beyond the daily must-do's.
Today I worked on cleaning the baseboard area under my bed, sweeping and wiping.
It felt good to have an extra "corner" nice and clean.
It helps when the cereal is spilled and other messes are around to know that "it's clean under the bed" and feel like one is not a complete failure.
Cause you know, sometimes the daily grind feels messy and unending and what's the finished product of all this?

Tackle something new.
I've been getting to know a nearby track.
It feels so great to get exercise and fresh air!

I'm also working on incorporating a lot more greens into our diet. This challenge is a good stretching of my sometimes tired brain cells!

Working on handmade items.
Making stuff. I like to make stuff. There's a purty new wall hanging I'm getting close to completion on! Excited!

What do you do to keep your brain alive?
Do tell!


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