Monday, June 13, 2011

o the things that we saw on mulberry block!

Tonight, I took my girls for an evening stroll.
We pretty much went around the block.
On the way we ate big,fat mulberries and sugar snap peas.
We met an elder from our church.
We spoke to a neighbor about her tiny dog.
We saw the neighborhood children playing basketball.

Then we came back to our house and I let Squirrelgirl out of her stroller.
She climbed into the mulberry tree.
I nagged at the cat,who had fallen into my bad graces by catching a duckling.
He didn't seem to understand my grumpiness....

Lee came home.
Chelsea ran to see him!

Soon we all went back inside.
I ate pasta with homemade pesto.

So,so much to see and do without going far from home!

The boys left for camp this morning.
It's their second year.
It sure is quiet without them!

Squirrelgirl provided plenty to keep me busy though. She ate a potentially toxic substance which set me on a frenzy of phone calls and the like.
All seems to be well but that was not fun!

Hopefully,tomorrow will be generally calm....

All in a mother's day!
May your evening be filled with encouragment!


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