Friday, June 3, 2011

the children clean out

ugly journal covered with buttony circles cut off an old tote-end result =not bad
The children cleaned out today. And we have quite the closetful of things to donate to a benefit yardsale now! And some filled bags of trash-hip,hip,hooray!

My children amaze me. They don't seem to worry about the things I might worry about as they clean out. They don't seem to worry a lot about the future, about whether there will be enough, about how sparce their bedrooms might seem of toys when their friends come over.
They just happily clean along, getting rid of anything that they no longer have an interest in.
They don't seem to worry about tomorrow, don't seem to have a big temptation to hoard.
The end result is quite lovely and fresh looking.

I am amazed, convicted, inspired to trust our Heavenly Father more,just like them!
But I guess that's nothing too surprising.
Afterall we are told in the Word to become like little children .
I have four teachers right in my house!

A note for you!
Want a fun candle scent for summer get-togethers?
I found Strawberry Shortcake scent on my store shelves recently! (It looks like Betty Crocker brand).


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