Tuesday, May 31, 2011

three day weekend

So we had a full three day weekend! How about you?

Yesterday, our last full day of vacay, we went hiking. We drove wrong once, didn't find the trail we wanted next, scoped out another trail that was way long, and finally settled on a 4 mile trail.
We encountered lots of poison ivy and lots of steep windy trail.
Squirrelgirl is really into caterpillars and she got her sweet fill of them!
We turned back when she needed carrying-we headed out much later than we'd hoped and we are having hot weather again so carrying a 3 and a halfish child was not our idea of fun!
Plus we were hungry.
And Lee needed to check on his bee project.

We went to the park and grilled our hot dogs and drank large amounts of oj.

I came home and lay near the fan and took a nap.

Sorting and packing winter clothes, folding laundry, washing dishes occupied my spare minutes.

I topped it off with a spoonfull of Ben and Jerry's Phish Food.

Lee and I were exhausted!

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