Tuesday, May 10, 2011

happy late Mother's Day!!

my lovely family
Happy belated Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is not huge to me. I get my mommy highs at unpredictable times...

I suppose I could celebrate being a mom more.

I asked for the gift of time this year.

I was blessed with that for sure.

Lee-babe, you did a great job on that end!

Chelsea planned ahead and bought me a gift the day before-sweet girl! One of the rare occasions she had money on her and the freedom to spend it-and she spent most of it on me and her sister. We could all learn from this, I suppose.

Lee gave me peppermint patties( a favorite of mine) and a new can opener.

I didn't need gifts but that was sweet.

I look around me often and realize how deeply blessed I am.

Lee and I planted our windowboxes that are on our deck. And did lots of other maintenance jobs (mostly Lee)!

It was a sweet day in all its quietness. A good day.

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