Friday, May 27, 2011

I feel so blessed tonight,
The children are playing on the rope swing.
We have a fire going in the backyard with marinated fish roasting.
The breeze is lovely,the trees are softly swaying,the mulberries are ripening.

I just had a piece of toast with jalepeno cheese(the very last piece in both bags,bread and cheese).

The grounds here at ye olde Sonhouse place are looking very nice from all the hard work being put into them. Our housemates downstairs help with lots of that!

The house is quite clean. I'm sorting out the winter and outgrown clothes and packing them off.
Today I'm cleaning and fluffing up beds in the boys' room.
Good stuff!
I just feel very thankful to God for allowing so many small blessings.

I pray we can share liberally!

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