Wednesday, June 8, 2011

children,children everywhere-writing about a journey

Today was a FULL day. No doubt about it!
But it's tonight I want to talk about.
Tonight it was kid central around here.
With a healthy sprinkling of adults in and out.

I have to say that eleven years ago I never would have seen this coming.
I was never one of those girls who loved babies when I was growing up.
I read.
And read and read.
Books to me were more interesting than babies.

Then I got married and had my own baby.
And I fell in love.
Now there are four little people of all sizes.
And they attract more little people....
And the other little people that come around need to be loved on, and fed and entertained (and sometimes bandaged).
Lots of food with some variety is good.
A first aid kit is good as well.
Some toys and costumes  and good humor are helpful.
Add in some popsicles or cocoa perhaps and lots of love!
Pray. Know how to be firm when needed.
Enjoy and laugh!


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