Friday, March 11, 2011

thrifting in the rain

Yesterday included:
Eating beans and cheese over toast for a late breakfast.
Hanging out with a friend.
Making popsicle boats with our impressive supply of glue guns. (One regular and one with low and high settings.)
My sons think they are great!
Science experiments from the book,Blood and Guts.
A little field trip to the scrap metal place for Alex, where he made $$ with his collection of scrap metal.

Reading practice and phonics after pb and j sandwiches.

Lots of other stuff too.

It has been raining a lot 'round these parts.
So, I thought no matter,we'll head on to the thriftstore  anyway.(It's like, a couple blocks from our house.) Jess said he did not like the color of the sky.
I chalked it up to sluggishness on his part and told him that's the way the sky has been looking these days.
Hardly had we gone out our driveway than the rain start to come down in rather large plops!
By the time we reached the thriftstore, we were quite wet!

But maybe that's why it was such a good thrifting day?
99 CENT day for one.On all clothes.
To say nothing of the Keen shoes in great shape I found for around 2 dollars or less.
Should I try selling them online or save them for Alex? Hmmnn..

A Columbia jacket/sweater we could really use for Alex-99 cents!
History books(hardback)by Joy Hakim)for 99cents or so apiece.I have been interested in these books for years!
Sometimes thrifting is worth it!

Then we went home through the rain to make beef stew. When we got near our house the bridge was flooded over so we didn't risk crossing to get to our house.
We turned back and went the long way-in the  rain.
Jess of course had an I told you so afternoon!
We were so wet!

I made stew and burnt cookies and we all settled in around the fire after dinner, Lee and I and our tribe.


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