Tuesday, March 15, 2011

a post including a letter to God

Sometimes we have to dig a little into the pockets of our Faith to remember that we live according to the directions of our Air Traffic Controller and not by sight or our own logic.
Then we remember that when we walk by faith through challenges, that we find hidden blessings.
Lord, let my life reflect Your plans for who I am to be!

Dear Father God,
Let my life as a mother reflect Your plans,even when they are not the plans or lifestyle I would have chosen.
Let me know and feel Your tender love in the life You choose for me.
Please let me find the hidden blessings even when it's tough to see them.
Help me remember to always, always wait on You, because I have this problem of forgetting.
And Abba?
Please keep my mind sane through it all.

Off to be a mama, bake donuts (click on to see the recipe!) wash pillowcases, and all manner of other things, I imagine!

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