Saturday, March 5, 2011

home learning and weekend plans

The way I blog is kind of strange sometimes, at least unconventional.
Start post option,go check stove, select picture, go use restroom,open curtain for our huge plant that resides by the bathroom window, come back, start post, and soon I will probably go haul some wood for the fire.
Then I might go put in a load of overdue laundry.
But no matter, that way thoughts can percolate in my head while I putter..

Sometimes I am a little confused by my life. It helps when I tell myself that I am actually living in a school. Our house is a school. With lots of projects going on. So it's going to look different than the average home.
Deep breaths,mama,deep breaths.
The stuff of it all can be overwhelming.

My girls just got done with a wet-felting project using wool yarn scraps.
Then a Veggie-Tales book appeared on the table.
Then beautiful wooden puzzles came off the shelf.
There are still two games out from the last round of playing. The shelf is high and I am the one who puts them away. So fine,you say, do it!
But what about the small stack of laundry sitting on the chair to be put away, the dresser that arrived that needs placing, the fridge shelves that need wiping down NOW!
Back again. A load of laundry going.
Another armload in soak.
Timer set! Refrigerator here I come! And I even put the games away!
Whew! Finally back again! The fridge got a lick and a promise, I went to a church booksale downtown, ate a burger with a friend,and got some other important household work done.
Our boys have a sleepover, and Lee and I have plans to hang out after our girls are snugged off in bed.
What are your weekend night plans?
And what did you accomplish?
(If you're even reading anymore. This post is not necessarily interesting unto anyone except yours truly!)

                            Happy Weekend!


angie said...

Happy Weekend to you! Your post gave me a good laugh, thanks.

The Benoit Family said...

"This post is not necessarily interesting unto anyone except yours truly!"

Not true dear sister. These small insights into the life of our sister and her family are a great blessing and a bright spot every time I read them.

Much love to you all!