Tuesday, March 29, 2011

a gratitude list

I am thankful for:
  • a home that has many clean corners.
  • That Father God has allowed me to have a lot of help around the house these days.
  • I had my good friend's son over to do stuff like read, write, and look at pictures of how bananas grow, together with Chelsea.
  • curried chicken
  • a few hours of free time to go downtown and explore a shop full of lots of things including vintage stuff that looked straight out of Anne of Green Gables or The Secret Garden. Also, time to snuggle into a chair in the section of the library where the large print books and AARP magazines or something are displayed and read totally undisturbed! Laugh at me if you must...
  • time spent reading to my chicks before bed. Priceless!
  • a good bed
  • Lee. Love that man! He makes wooden hangers for me to hang my washed zIPLOCK bags from so I can reuse them.
  • And he gives me the recliner and treats my foot that got a splinter or something in it and reads aloud and sings with us before bed many evenings! He's good!
I need to get to bed if Imean to get anything done tomorrow!

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