Friday, March 25, 2011

musings on "eternalness"

I have been thinking about human beings and how much we embrace life.
How we resist death,we do not tend to run toward it with open arms.
And I am thinking about how this is the difference between us and a fish or a bear or a tree.
God created us with an eternal soul.
I believe God's nature is for abundant life and we also deeply embrace life.
We seem to want to live forever.
Because sin was introduced to the world,there is death to our mortal bodies.
And that is hard.
But in Jesus we do have hope to live forever!
We are eternal souls. Our desires in the end are granted,in Jesus, we can live eternally.

I've been over reading quite often at Val's blog, following her journey as a young mother of two,who has recently lost her husband. It's the missing that's often so hard.

In other news, the children are mourning the loss of their neighbor friend who is moving away.
Wednesday, I hauled Jess into the dentist where he had two teeth pulled. (I tried not to watch.)
It is hard to watch my babies go through their little trials, but life terrestial seems to be like that...
Lest life sound all drear, we went out to a big farm in the country last night and had a feast.
Marinated chicken with pineapple,potatoes and onion, tortellini salad, rice, another salad that contained greens,raisins,sprouts and (i think)feta cheese.
Dessert followed.
And today, baaaack to homeschool,and meal making and maybe a nice,little walk!

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