Friday, March 18, 2011

early rising, blogging and real life

sister-made waffles
So- I wish I could write blog posts everydaaaaaayy.
But- I can't generally do that too easily.
Life seems to present me with choices,you see.
Like yesterday.
I could blog in my few "spare" minutes or I could have fellow homeschoolers over and we could do St. Pat's day stuff like make shamrock bookmarks and Irish bread.
And in order to make Irish bread I needed flour. And since I was out of flour I ran to the neighbors for flour. And since I was stepping out I needed to clean up and be presentable.
And so the morning goes.All this takes time (in which I live instead of blog).
If it's not one thing it's another.
Maybe new reading books from the library to sink our teeth into.
Or donut making research.
Or music practice
You know,for example. Stuff like that.
Real life seems to step in and call me and it's a challenge to pack everything into a day that I'd like to. Including blogging.
But I got up early this morning. Oh, yeah!  And thus the blog post.
Maybe I should get up earlier every morning.  That may be a post for another day though.
The great "discussion" between The Early Riser and The Late Riser in this household....
And now I think I've reached my time limit for writing.
Besides,do I hear coffee calling my name?

                                                                                                 Coffee drinking,

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