Friday, March 28, 2008

We can when we want to!

Homeschool in pajamas that is! Sometimes it happens. Not everyday or anything. But sometimes.
And one little mophead contributes to the relaxed atmosphere. I like Noisy, Mom likes Quiet is the title of the book she's reading, I believe. Check that one out. I have fun reading that one too!
I like to find books that I enjoy reading because it makes it so much more motivating to read a stack of books that way. Books like Chicka Chicka,Boom Boom,Amelia Bedelia books, Lentil, stuff like that.It helps me endure those other picks from my brood like Clifford,Thomas the Tank,Spot and so forth.
Well, hungry creatures are near(children),Friday's a big laundry day for me, and menu planning and a shopping list to make,coordinating to do on meals for Sunday,(we have Costa Rican guests coming in) and probably quite a few others as well, so I Need to be busy! Tomorrow looks like a big day too,including the library booksale! You know me!

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