Monday, March 17, 2008

Homeschooling and Tools

Those hard hats come in handy for times like these! Lee has started a tool collection for each boy and that provides great props for carpenter play. The level was not included in the deal if I understand Lee properly! He tends to keep part of his tool collection in the living room too. It can get interesting-the toolshed properties our livingroom seems to possess at times. When I can look at it in a positive light it seems to be part and parcel of a busy family. Other times it can seem ,well,unnaturally toolshedish to my sensibilities! Ah,well. It's a season.

We are now officially part of the Shenandoah homeschoolers group(or at least one of them). Now I need to get my papers done with the school district. I grew frustrated with the reading program I had and we are now starting a workbook which gives me more freedom . Reading aloud in a big way is also a definite goal here. I have to help with selections at the library though or we would tend to have a heavy diet of Clifford and Franklin though. We went to the bookfair near here and got a few books recently also. And I have a selection of homeschooling books borrowed from the homeschool library that is keeping my gray matter exercised. Well,this may be a rather dry explanation .Guess I'll go read books... Marcella

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