Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Heavenly Eyesight

I was wishing to post some links with the story of Isaac Coates,the young man I think I mentioned a few posts back. Anyone who has read the book "A Song for Your Honor" might know this is Isaac's family.They have been through so very much already,yet our Heavenly Father saw them fit to suffer once again. And yet,in a way, maybe Isaac's family know more of God and His love then many of us do. Isaac,the only son of that fatherless family drowned in Honduras a few days ago. From the few times I'd met members of their family they seemed very dear and my sister also enjoyed Isaac's sister very much. Our hearts,in humanity want to cry out why,why?? But if we stop a moment and realize that in the Real Reality for God's sons and daughters,this is but a crossing to The True Home.
Someone wrote that Isaac was partially colorblind. Now,from what I can humanly perceive, he has heavenly vision and can see things in a way none of us know and realizes the true Reality.And yes, does anyone think he feels fatherless anymore?

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