Thursday, March 13, 2008

Peas and Roses!

There's a garden at the edge of our rental property that we hope to get some use out of in the months ahead.Here's Lee and the boys planting peas(sugar snap and regular) and onions.I think Lee even sneaked some garlic in.I sort of think that's supposed to go in,in the fall dear!:) I also found a pack of marigold seeds lying on the kitchen counter. Well,I guess I better get me some sunflower seeds then!

Here's a shot of a lovely bouquet Lee and I brought home from a couples night we were invited to recently.We were glad we went. We had a lovely evening eating and studying God's plan in "coupledom" and so forth.We tied in a sweetheart crossword puzzle and thus the bouquet. Tonight I brought Lee a chocolate rose to add to it.
Well, lots going on around here. Also our hearts weep with the family of a young man from the fellowship in NC, who appears to have disappeared after being swept away by a current in a river in Honduras. The family has been through so much already but our Heavenly Father surely knows this too.

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