Sunday, March 23, 2008

Resurrection Retold

The Hispanic community seems to be thriving in our area of the Shenandoah. Thus,the Resurrection Story play in Spanish.( Some English speaking participants were involved.) These women and children are doing some type of dance in a recreation of the streets of Jerusalem.
Alex was scared of the camel!

One good shot after Alex was over his fright.

Some of the actors before the play, serving and eating fish cooked over the fire.

Lee getting aquainted with one of the actors.

Salted fish?

Selling eggs.

These actors had a basket of bread there.

Lee at one of the stalls.

Inside. I think that's Pilate in front of us.

The stage. I don't think it was allowed to take pictures during the play. I was concerned that the boys wouldn't handle of a few of the scenes well but they did fine. I kept whispering that it's just pretend. (I had gone to the play a couple nights beforehand to preview it.) I felt it was well worth our time and was yet another way of envisioning that wonderful story. I also felt they did a very good job of conveying the Gospel message in its profoundness and simplicity.

The song of victory at the end.

Most of the cast after the last song. The actors circulated with the crowd after the play so we were able to communicate with some of them.
Have an inspiring and God honoring weekend. Marcella

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