Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Baby Faces and Homemade Stained Glass

A fairly recent shot of "Tizzy" as her brothers call her,in the Pack n Play. Her siblings thought a large supply of stuffed animals would be helpful.

This shot,hmmmnn? Maybe just up from a nap?

The" stained glass" discs we made the other day. Go to and look under Spring Activities. Some of the activities look boring but these are well worth the mess in my book!

Three discs hanging in the family room windows. They look very cheerful. Next up may be egg carton tulips or something of that nature. We finally have a stash of green pipe cleaners in the house. Chelsea is very busy with a nice wooden puzzle I nabbed for 45 cents in the thrift store the other day. I'm trying to start a collection for her. The boys have been using their paintbrush pens and foam jungle stickers to make realistic pictures, working on a DVD set on dinosaurs from a Creationist viewpoint, helping Lee make protective boxes for the baby plants they put in the garden and planting, playing with foam beads from the Dollar Tree, listening to library books read aloud, painting themselves with food coloring mixtures so they can look like yahoos from Gulliver's Travels and so on and so forth. I so enjoy homeschooling. I'm not even covering all of what we're doing either! But tonight, I wish to hit the sack!

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