Thursday, March 1, 2012

what's on our table..

It's amazing how important food is in a home. At least our home.
 A well put together meal is a balm to the souls that gather round it. It says that there's energy in the house, love and caring, often stability and foresight.

As I come out of a season of doing less cooking than usual, I'm excited to remember recipes in my "to-make" "files".

Split pea and ham soup popped into in the crockpot before phys. ed. class? Awesome!

Tacos? The children were delighted!

Jess has become my resident cake maker as we have found ourselves with access to lots of free cake mix. I know, not that healthy, but it gives him a great feeling of independence and helpfulness and that makes it ok in my eyes. You know?

My mother has brought us some awesome cuts of meat and we've been enjoying that as well. Smoked ham and sausage? You bet!

As what little we've had of winter rolls out ever so slightly, it's a good time to get in the mood for fresh and healthy cooking.

What's been on your tables these days and what  in your to make file?


p.s. Happy March!!! 

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