Monday, March 5, 2012

tracking the newness....

Posting right now feels like I'm tracking the days,these days of change and newness on the horizon.
The weather hints of Spring soon to be here.
The house shows signs of unsettled.
Boxes are piled on one side of the livingroom.
The rug's rolled up.
Things are getting thrown away,set aside for a free "sale" perhaps, some things readied for our new nest wherever that is, and the house is having its nooks and crannies cleaned.

And beside the boxes is the sweetest little,bassinet with more sweet little items piled inside.
And Lee's old wooden highchair is standing nearby.
All awaiting the arrival of the newest little Pilgrim.

So much change, so much new.

To all of His children I believe our Father sends things to make us cry out for Him.
He lets us feel the sensation of the Out Of Control.
A sense of powerlessness.
And we come to that place where we cry out.
In the crying and the tears comes the blessing of a feeling.
A feeling of being loved, of belonging.

Abba, You are.


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