Tuesday, March 13, 2012

strawberry stuff and flowers

The weather is warm today. It was warm when we woke up or at least close.
I'd like to think we have some cold weather still in store.
It kind of feels like we didn't have a proper winter this year.
 The children had a water balloon fight  in honor of the warmth.
Now they are making some sort of drink in the blender.

Here's a refreshing drink for the warmer days ahead:

Strawberry Stuff
  • a handful of frozen strawberries
  • water, maybe three cups
  • sweetener to taste
  • Blend or puree in blender
  • Done!

Oh, yesterday I forgot to mention the flowering forsythia!
And the pink flowering bush in the yard.
And the tree with white flowers next door.
Flowers all over the place.
Disturbing! Disturbingly beautiful tho!

Happy Tuesday!

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