Saturday, March 10, 2012

the breakfast list and two portions

snuggly sisters
So about the time a mama's first cup of coffee is had, the voices come.
Those that say that well-known phrase: "I'm hungry!"
 And because we all probably know the urgency of that, here's my breakfast list for you!

  • oatmeal with toppings like seeds or raisins or mini chocolate chips
  • scrambled eggs with cheese and maybe toast
  • breakfast burritos
  • fried potatos with ketchup and eggs
  • plain yogurt and fruit smoothies
  • cornmeal mush, milk and honey
  • "soft" eggs and toast
  • baked oatmeal and fruit
  • "creamed eggs"
  • "gallo pinto" eggs, and coffee
  • pancakes(can have fruit or pumpkin added)
  • skillet granola
  • french toast
You're welcome.
We've had the special occasion to contract the flu and the pink-eye this week.
Well, at least some of us.

Squirrelgirl on contemplating awakening all "fevery" and yucky:
"Maybe it's because I had two portions of ice cream last night..."

Happy Saturday!

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