Wednesday, March 14, 2012

gentle, sleepy day

I guess today is a rather gentle,sleepy day with little buzzing in my head feeling urgent to get out.
It's been filled with simple things like watching my youngest three putting lots of water in a large Rubbermaid tote,setting a kid-sized chair inside the tote, and then sitting in said tote filled with cold water.
A good way to cool down.

Making veggie and cheese sandwiches for the children.

Being happy that there is a clean stack of dishtowels ready for use and that Lee's washcloths are clean and ready to fill his basket.(I got him a nice basket and his own washcloths for Love Day so he can't say there aren't ever clean washcloths again..)

Making minestrone with a bag of white beans we were given.
This morning we were given lots more white beans from someone else who had come into an abundance.( I think this is how God looks after the wild out of control of the large family when the numbers of making ends meet don't logically make sense. He provides the beans. (:    )

Glad and thankful I do not have a headache today.

Have a wonderful rest-of-Wednesday!


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