Monday, April 25, 2011

resting and grateful

my couch
This past week has had many wonderful moments.
I once again got to experience the amazingness that is the sunrise service on a hilltop!
I made hotcross buns again!
Curry was prepared for the annual Easter lunch for one and all at church....
Bread animals were shaped, eggs of different types made their way into the house.
Lots of unleavened bread was eaten and glasses of grape juice drunk!
Singing, silence, washing of feet.
So much illustration of The Great Story.
We rejoice that our Jesus is not Dead but Alive.
And that is beyond words wonderful.
But, can this mama say that all this remembering and illustrating and celebrating also involves a lot of energy?
So, today the above picture shows another thing I am grateful for in this time.
A soft place to rest!

Soon  I will show you pictures of things that were made,Lord willing!

Happy Monday!

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