Tuesday, April 26, 2011

redeemed jeans and rain dancing

my sewing kit
Today I created some new summer shorts for Alex. For some reason I am so happy about that. Lee's coworker gave us a gift certificate to Michael's,that crafty wonderland o' goodies. And so I invested in a good sewing scissors for the first time in my  life.
Well, I felt like it paid off a little today!
My sons always seem to be wearing ratty old pants by the end of the winter,and I have no desire to buy new pants since shorts season is right around the corner.
Usually some shorts still fit from last summer's clothes.
But we usually are low in the shorts department at the beginning of the warm season.
Enter sewing scissors.
Enter ratty jeans.
Aaaaaand.....new shorts.
Cut-offs! Yeah.
I know what you may be thinking." Not too neat and tidy of her."
But my backyard is like a miniature woods with a creek some of the time.
Who wants to have the newer clothes all beat up climbing trees, playing soccer, etc. etc.?
Not so much.
So, yes,I'm excited about being able to cut thick denim jeans and turn them into playclothes.
Next up: girl shorts!

We went to a birthday celebration last night.
We picniced outside!
Many of us danced in the rain.
It was very simple and really beautiful.
Oh, and there was a GORGEOUS sunset.
The birthday boy said it was "tragic".

Over and out!


affectioknit said...

I love your sewing kit! Great idea on the shorts too!

Rosa G said...

Oh sweet! I love your make-do-with-what-you-got style, sis;-)

Birthday night sounds like it was a blast..wonder who?
We had a birthday night last night, so much fun! The visiting girl was turning 19 so we got together and played volleyball for a hour or so, then ate out, honduran food!

Anyways, love yu, miss you, and xoxo!