Saturday, April 16, 2011

a rainy saturday in the sage house

We awoke to pouring rain this morning.
Unfortunately some of my laundry was wet!

Lee made us his specialty fish for breakfast this morning. The children were less than excited. The fish is not my favorite but I am not one to complain when my husband makes breakfast without being asked to.

Alex and I hung our new black and white art piece we purchased at an educational talk we attended the other night.

I started the fire to take the chill off of things. It's pretty cozy around here in our big, sage green fixer upper house.
Praise God for family, adequate food, warmth, a dry place when the rain comes down.

We have a new neighbor and by the looks of it, another good one. He is newly widowed and we are looking forward to sharing some homecooked food sometimes.
 Which means I should soon compile a shopping list so we can make a carry-in spaghetti dinner.....
12:21- I should heat up some of the good soup a friend sweetly gifted us yesterday. (One of my favorites,chicken,veggies,barley!)
Happy Saturday!

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Rosa G said...

Happy saturday to you sis! Sounds like a cozy one at home. Give the kiddos hugs and kisses for me..oh and I come for soup tonight?;-)