Saturday, April 30, 2011

baby shower details

Up close...

Last night I hosted a baby shower at my house. A friend helped with planning and executing and we made a good team.

I had a good time getting ready for the shower,even if it was teeny compared to some! It was a good reason to do some cleaning projects that are difficult to get motivated with...
I've read, I believe, that homes that frequently host stay cleaner and I would say that it has been true in our home,since we have people over and coming through fairly often it helps keep us motivated.

I strung fishing line through my dining room and hung bows of pink ribbon from it. I hung a couple strands of  sparkly silver stars etc. around as well.
Then besides some other little touches, I had my new banner pictued above.

The banner is made of clothes that were unuseable due to various factors. I saved up until I had enough to make the banner. Then I borrowed a friend's pinking shears and made the above no-sew version.(I think I'll make a sewn version next..)

Anyway, we had a lovely time and played funny games and it was a meaningful time!

I got a real high from the fact that the decorations cost so very little and turned out quite well!
The fishing line and sparkly stars were gotten for very little at the sale of a wedding coordinator going out of biz.
The clothes were headed nowhere good before they ended up in the banner.
And so on and so forth.
I adore taking what most people think is junk and turning it into lovely and having meaningful times without a huge expenditure!

I think my bed is caaaaalling my name!

What has your weekend been full of?

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