Thursday, April 7, 2011

activities for the one to two crowd(amidst other words on this page)

Sometimes I think i just have too many ideas swirling around in my head to ever become a scheduled housekeeper.
I have ideas begging to be birthed and be tangible things and amidst all that creative longing it's hard to focus on dirty dishes and floors that need mopping etc.
So today I am cleaning The Kitchen Corner Of Shame again.
I find lots of ideas there in what looks like a mere pile of clutter.
Papers with phone numbers, contact information, lists of things to be done, stuff to see, half-finished projects.
It's great.
But again, how to find the time to process and produce using all this data?
I have made a dent.
And from the Pile I found a list.
I think I will share it here.
Maybe someone else will benefit too.
At very least it will have jumped from my head and it's precarious state as a list on my messy countertop to a place on the blog, where it is in more solid form.
I don't know if I 'm making much sense.
So here:
Activity list for the one-almost two year old crowd:
-a bin of plastic animals,lots and lots! One of my best toy collections,still being used by all four of my children.
-blocks and wooden animals.(We have since added a wooden barn and I bet that would go over well.)
-a tot sized chair and a basket of board books. Rotate these-don't put them all out at once-that way they can stay relatively fresh.
- bristle blocks- link here!
-a doll or maybe some play people of some kind.
-i had a container of mixed cards of different types-this is really messy though but provided diversion sometimes.
-nature movies or Winnie the Pooh. Yeah,yeah.Just keep it for when you really need a few minutes to put up your feet or make an important phone call. As I say, a sane mother with a movie going sometimes is probably better than a frazzled mama who never uses the box on occasion. (And I like Winnie the Pooh. Rabbit is my favorite!)
Time,Time,Time. The big thing for children of this age. Let them do things with you, sit them near you as you work and talk to them about what you're doing.
Snuggle as often as possible!

Our Squirrelgirl is 3 headed toward 4. The busy days of that kind are not part of our life right now. But this list may help me one day again or maybe it will help out some other busy mama.
Being a mom is a great job!
P.s. I added a Google search bar to my sidebar. In the amazing event that anyone should ever want to search this here blog...

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