Saturday, December 26, 2009

a joyful Christmas season to you all!

Reading that wonderful story the night of Christmas Eve. Our Christmas Eve ended up being filled with story reading with friends out, and at bedtime. Perfect! I would like this as a tradition! Lee and I didn't grow up in Christmas celebrating families. In fact we were taught as children that it was a worldly event. And, now in our personal walks as Christians we try to look at everything through the lense of our Master's heart for our activities. So we celebrate much "lighter" than many of our friends as we wait on God's perfect leading in our family's personal activities and as we have done so,we find very meaningful parts of the season for ourselves.
I love how it's a time of year when it's ok to drop in on folks and take them treats,invite one's neighbors in,spend lots of time fellowshipping with friends. It's an open door for us as Christian's to minister to needs,talk about the reason for the birth of Christ, spend lots of time reading the story to our children. We can remember our Master's words on not just sharing with our friends who can return favors but doing good to our enemies and His teachings on doing unto others as we would be done to. If we keep our Savior's words in our hearts on the fleeting nature of the goods of this world we can love on each other with gifts in a way that isn't materialistic. And,so, I wish you all a most joyful and blessed Christmas season and may the Christ child's message live on in your heart!
A joyful Christmas season from our house to yours! (This is us Christmas Eve!)



Mary Beth said...

Lovely! I'm very much pondering (and acting on) more and more a "lighter" Christmas. More joy and family, less pressure and stress, I say. Merry Christmas!

Deborah Martin said...

Greetings from long, lost friends! Aunt Susie sent me your blog address and I love it- what a great talent you have for letting us into your lives.
If you send me an email address, I will send you the Christmas letter Carl wrote this year and you can catch up on us a bit as well.

Deborah Martin