Thursday, December 10, 2009

then she was two

I am feeling fulfilled.With the help of God and Lee,I have brought my brood all up past infancy.They walk,run and eat on their own.(Mostly.) I am 27. Thus,I present my life's work,or at least some of the best of it. Praise God! This is good!
Celebrating two and Squirrelgirl at a fave place of our brood's. The place Lee and I call the "dirty Chinese buffet " and we understand each other without more explanation than that.We all like Chinese food and so put up with even an extra dirty restaurant......!

I come for things like won-ton soup. Squirrelgirl prefers the aquairium of live fish.

Opening gifts-pajamas!
Next up-pictures of Thanksgiving! I know-late. Life is very full and busy and we are moving across town by the end of the year as well. You know 'cause we really like to move twice a year and all.(not)

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affectioknit said...

Sweet - Happy Birthday!