Friday, December 18, 2009

a new Sunday morning tradition??

This is last Sunday's breakfast. Or at least some of it. If I get up early enough to treat my darlings to a yummy and entertaining breakfast,it could be a fondly remembered tradition. As in"Mama was so loving she diligently arose before the sun so we could have pancakes for breakfast!" I'd like them to remember me that way. Diligent.
I tried out this "cow shape maker" I found while thrifting. Yummy whipped cream (or death cream as Lee called aeresol whipped cream) and homemade blueberry jam topped this cow.

This cow turned out mostly the right shade. That black one you see in the top picture? Black Angus breed. Lee says Black Angus meat is good for you. So there.
Now, on to the backed up laundry piles. I was sick yesterday. Quite sick.
But today? Smelly laundry piles begone. Speaking of laundry and smells,I got myself a new toy for the laundry room. Lavendar scented dryer sheets. This helps to entice me into that intense place known as the laundry corner in the cold basement. Adieu!
In His Care,

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