Monday, December 14, 2009

remembering Thanksgiving this year..

ok,ok, so it's close to Christmas. But I really want to remember this year's Thanksgiving.It was so sweet,tinged with the remembrance that family in the New Testament definition is so much more than just defined by blood. Sweet people that I love so deeply becoming our family,inviting our family in to eat,pray,play and enjoy one another. One of my closest friends and her extended family asked us to join them this year in the big family home for Thanksgiving dinner. Most of the pictures are very personal to put up and still respect all our privacy but here are a few perfect for blog posting!
homemade cranberry sauce..

A collection of Thanksgiving themed books. Perfect!

We brought this cherry pie and also a lime meringue.

oops! 2 shots of cherry pie.You know you want some. Go make one quick!

The dessert board...

Lee's arm serving food. I love you sweetie.

Plate of food. The end!

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