Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy New Year!

First of all, a happy new year to all!
I am thinking of a different theme or format for my blogging this year. I would like to try writing here in letter form...
Thus,the Dear Julia Charlotte letters!

Dear Julia Charlotte,
It's with pleasure that I enter into a correspondence with you! From your letters I can tell that you are thoughtful...with a touch of whimsy. I like that in a friend.
I would like to converse on many topics throughout this year,but first I would like you to know a little more about me,other than my interest in letter writing.
At present,I am 27 years old and amazed at how fast 30 is creeping up. I am dark eyed and dark haired. I am not exactly slender. I wish I was.
I live in town,beside a little creek,which is sometimes rushing,sometimes trickling,and sometimes dry.Right now,it's dry.
The house I live in is "earthy" imperfect and cozy. I live on the top floor and while not large,it is plenty of room for us. The layout is amazing! I also enjoy the way the bottom floor usually has interesting tenants and sometimes friends. It comes in handy.
I am the mother of four children,all healthy and full of energy. I love being their mother but some days it takes almost every bit of my energy! Today my baby,(who is two) had the "runs". Yesterday too. And in the night. Since, I am still unpacking and arranging from our move this was most unhandy. It was very messy too.
My husband and I volunteer once a week at our friend's project which is a community center and a soup kitchen. Tonight one of the homeless men asked me to go out for a cigarette with him. He said he would smoke mine! I,of course had to decline.
I would like to keep adding to this letter,but my little ones want me and my bed is covered with things that need to be put away.
I will enclose a picture of my two sons making music for our household.
Your friend,

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