Saturday, January 30, 2010

the letter about what we've been up to

Dear Julia Charlotte, I was happy to receive your letter of late. You say my voice did not ring true to myself in the last post. Well, it will be better in this post,I promise.I was glad to hear all your news and the details of your recent days. I am glad to hear you have an increased level of energy. You need energy to be a mom.Seriously. You will see where a lot of my energy goes to these days when you see the second picture I am sending you. There is a whole packet of them....!
I found this hardback copy of Wild Things at the thrift store for abt. 49 cents. Sweet. The recycling book was from a thrift store too and is a hit! The nature bowl was also thrifted and was made in Guatemala.We are reading a lot in my spare moments these days. Cozy!
This is where my extra energy seeps away to right now. A forgetful potty training two yr. old. These are her training pants.

Jesse is really into Lego creations at the moment.
I will try to be write more tomorrow with a bit more news from this month!

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