Friday, October 9, 2009

using the doll cookbook...

a small number of dolls came to dine that afternoon
as the sun was setting, cupcakes were had.(Notice the cupcakes made with bottle lids,filled with sand and topped with blue glitter glue for frosting. I like that word,frosting. Hmmmnnn.)

The chef puts the finishing touches on dinner.Note the book at her side. This is a cookbook called Mud Pies and Other Recipes~ A Cookbook For Dolls
This was procured using birthday money from her generous Aunt S, and as her next birthday is almost upon us,I am feeling remiss in not showing her Aunt S for almost a year, what we have done with the gift. I am such a terrible procrastinator sometimes!
Anyway I thought bits and pieces of the foreword would be of general interest.
"This is a cookbook for dolls. It is written for kind climates and summertime.
It is an outdoor cookbook,because dolls dote on mud,when properly prepared. They love the crunch of pine needles and the sweet feel of seaweed on the tongue. The market place,then will be a forest or a sand dune or your own back yard.
You can use a tree stump for a counter........"
"Doll cookery is not a very exacting art. The time it takes to cook a casserole depends upon how long your dolls are able to sit at table without falling over."
From the cookbook,by Marjorie Winslow and illustrated by Erik Blegvad
Very romantic! Thank-you Aunt S!
In His Love,

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