Friday, October 23, 2009

the short post about chicken pie...

I've always wished I was the type that made good pies. I think usually I've been too impatient. But recently I had two pasture raised chickens sent to us,once again,by who else than Aunt S! They came long distance from New York.
And I was having special guests. Then,there was this chicken pie recipe I've long thought sounded tasty! Very tasty in fact. The only thing was,I had to face that daunting pie crust making.
But this time when I got out my lovely birthday gift cookbook by a Mennonite mother,I noticed her clear instructions on pie crust making.
Inspiration hit with the ice water part,since I rarely seem to have decent ice in my freezer. I measured the water and put it in the freezer a bit. Inspiration also hit with the cold shortening issue. Measure and into the freezer again. Later,whip out my pastry cutter. And make a lovely pie crust!
The pie crust turned out great. The guests were very pleased. They did not joke about my pie crust,only about the Yankee chicken.(The chicken was great too.)
And,I am no longer so intimidated by making pie crust. Good all around.
In Him,

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