Tuesday, October 27, 2009

turning eight

Our son,Jess.

My sweet and beloved firstborn,
You are eight now. I'm starting to think birthday parties are overrated. I mean this year you had to wait a few days to really welcome being eight. We found out mamas can get the flu really bad on the big day. Your invited friends can get sick,be scared of getting sick or etc. etc. and leave you almost "guestless".
But then again,this celebration was so unique. People helped out, the cake was baked and frosted(even if it turned out rather purple) ,the soup got made, the house got tidied. And, praise God, mama was recovered enough to wrap up presents and be there for you!
So your friends didn't come. But we got to invite your neighborhood playmates instead. Your new guitar teacher gave us a small, live concert. It was simple and full of beauty.
I'm thankful our Father recieved glory at your birthday party. I hope to live with you,becoming lines in the great song,giving glory to our Father.
I catch glimpses of someone more mature emerging sometimes. It's startling. And, as I see that,my body feels like it turns into one whole prayer. For you. For God's guidance in your life.
I guess it comes down to the fact that I love you. Your real Parent loves you even more perfectly. But if His love is way greater than mine it must be enormous indeed. Because that's how much I love you.
A God-blessed and joyful birthday to you,my son!
Mama, Oct. 2009

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