Tuesday, October 13, 2009

celebrating a seventh birthday

I'm still not sure what I think about you turning seven,my sweet boy. I mostly think it fits you. I try to remember what I dreamed of as I first looked upon you, that first morning when you were born,seeing the faraway, and yet wise look in your eyes in those first moments. You were quiet upon your entrance, quietly taking it all in,figuring it out. You haven't changed too much since then,except for the quiet part sometimes.

I now wonder whether I do enough for you,whether I live up to those early dreams of raising you up. I have niggling worries that all the other mothers are better than me,more capable, more self disciplined. Those moms that have it all together.
I pray. I pray that I pray more for you. I realize you are not mine. I realize you are a soul encased in temporal,human flesh. I prayerfully breathe to God that I will recognize your soul in heaven one day. Your soul and mine meeting,knowing each other,together forever.

This time here with you,in the grand scheme,so short and yet so crucial. God is good. With Him all things are possible. Amen and I love you.

the birthday cake~it didn't just look pretty,it was yummy!

party favors

the birthday table

enjoying friends with games, music and many blessings!

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affectioknit said...

So much fun! Happy Birthday!