Tuesday, October 20, 2009

more beautiful than this..

this past saturday morning,in the early gray, with lots of chores already done,we two set out. we saw:
a late dandelion,

this wall,gray with tints of moss,

this steeple,

multi hued cauliflower,

crates of apples,

apple butter?


pie pumpkins waiting to be turned into pies and cakes and oh,so many things,

Indian corn,

salad greens,



and the coffeeshop promised us pumpkin lattes...
We found that the colors and textures of autumn are beautiful,oh so full of beauty.
We remember there is Something more beautiful than this:
"God shines from Zion, the perfection of beauty." Psalm 50:2
Beauty pointing us to that Perfect Beauty,Creator of small beauties. We are glad we know the source.
In His Love,

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