Wednesday, September 30, 2009

one fish,two fish!

This male betta fish joined our household on the weekend.Jess used the proceeds from the lemomade stand, a portion of carefully saved birthday money and some gift money from a friend and his siblings.So we are now a pet owning family,somewhat to my chagrin. It's still better than a dog,or worse yet,a puppy,right?

A couple weeks or so ago, we attended our good friends' somewhat quarterly evening of celebrating the Christian arts of adoration.I hadn't been to one of these for quite a while. It provides a place for Christian songwriters and musicians,poets, storytellers etc. to be able to share their work. Since,I try to be very sensitive to friends privacy on my blog I'll just share some non-people shots!

flowers and light, and to think that God is even beyond this beauty!

singing by mostly candlelight!

white lights near our community center's origami branch....

And here is a stack of finds from a library booksale. We are collecting a lot of" school " related books these days!
We have helped put on a large baby shower, gone to late night tea, sat around eating French toast with family and friends, and tonight I went with my cousin and my daughters to see a homeschool family of 13 children sing. One of the children is now married so it wasn't quite 13,but it was still a blessing to hear and see them together.
And,tomorrow, Lord willing,we welcome October!
In His Love,

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