Monday, September 14, 2009


Raising children is like making an investment in an orchard or some other business where the payoff happens quite a while later. Folks may think one is foolish for putting precious money and time into a project that will not benefit rapidly.There won't be instant gratification in other words.
It's often like that with the time we invest in our children's lives.
Purposely living in a way that leaves plenty of time to work and play and hang out together.
Saying no to that lovely sounding ladies meeting. Saying no to heading off to yet another Bible study. Saying no to cooking time consuming foods too often or crafts or you fill in the blanks!
There is only one chance to invest in our children's lives. Invest and invest some more.I don't believe you'll be sorry. And, unlike an orchard,you'll likely see some results before too long!
In His Love,

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