Thursday, September 10, 2009

and i present~

the peanut butter cups created for a baby shower recently,mmmmm!Lots of us mamas and babes,gathered around the first time mommy-to-be,crunching on yummy cinnamon rolls made with freshly ground flour,veggies and a tasty green dip,these peanut butter cups etc. and sharing in conversation,some games,and opening our respective gifts of baby swaddlers to diaper bags. These passages that are so life changing in the lives of women,shared.Shared,as they are meant to be. The older and younger women mixing,learning. Sweet.

My dear mother has come and gone but she brings the "fairy grandma dust" into my children's lives, making them feel loved and valued by her and by their Maker.
What more could I ask for?
And,she brings us the best presents that fit our family's lifestyle so perfectly.This stack of books is just an example!
And now I must be off. I have stuff to do yet and a lemonade stand to assist with tomorrow!
In His Love,

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Mary Beth said...

Thank you, Pilgrimama, for the nice comments on my blog today. And that baby shower looks very special!
Mary Beth